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We believe that every step you take should be pain free to give you the best quality of life. We will work with you to make this a reality!

When you choose Coastal Podiatry, you are choosing a respected, experienced and compassionate podiatrist in Pismo Beach. Whether you're suffering from a mild sprain or chronic heel pain, Coastal Podiatry is committed to helping you return to a pain-free, active life through expert treatment of the foot and ankle.

As you browse our website, be sure to sift through our complete list of services. From bunions and ankle sprains to heel pain and toenail problems, you can learn more about the procedures we offer and the conditions we treat on our services page. We pride ourselves on using advanced podiatric practices and equipment, and with the experience and knowledge of our podiatrists in Pismo Beach, we offer you and your family the highest standards in care.

You will also find information on our site about our expert podiatry team, Pismo Beach office location, appointment hours and contact details. We welcome new patients of any age for once off or ongoing podiatry health care.

Your feet are the foundation of your body, taking you where you need to go. Don't take foot pain lightly. Allow us to give your feet and ankles the attention they deserve. Contact Coastal Podiatry to make an appointment today.

Dr. Norman treats: Athlete’s foot, blisters, bunions, hallux valgus, hallux limitus, hallux varus,  corns, plantar fasciitis, heel spur, claw toe, mallet or hammertoe, gout, pseudogout,  ingrown toenail, ganglion cysts, mucoid cyst, ankle sprains, anterior impingement syndrome, intoeing, gait abnormalities, foot drop, plantar plate rupture, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, tendinitis, tenosynovitis, dermatomyositis, ring worm, fungal nail infection, plantar wart, stone bruise, flat feet, Morton’s neuroma, nerve pain, paresthesias, sesamoiditis, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic ulcers, gangrene, venous insufficiency, arterial insufficiency, venous stasis ulcers, foot fractures, Jones fracture, high arches, pes cavus, psoriasis of the foot, psoriatic arthritis, melanoma,  rheumatoid arthritis, subungual exostosis , Spongiotic dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema, Bone spurs, hyperhidrosis, and more.

If you have been suffering with foot, heel or ankle pain, your solution is here!

We are now offering

Radial Shockwave Therapy!

Everyone’s talking about Shockwave Therapy
Conservative care for Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis , and Morton’s Neuromas

shcockwave1  shockwave


Call for an Appointment: (805) 773-3668

Patient Testimonials

  • "I am an RN with 45 years experience. I took my elderly neighbor with diabetes to dr Norman. She had a large ulcerated area that was infected on the bottom of her foot. It was deep, swollen, and oozing. Dr Norman debrided the area, treated her for the infection and had us return weekly. She had previously lost the big toe on that foot so it was vitally important to save this infected area. Dr Norman was professional,kind and caring. He was able to get her infection under control, treat the ulcerated area and get it to heal, and graft the bottom of her foot to regenerate skin over the ulcerated area. He saved her foot. I would recommend him without reservation. Because I am an RN , I have very high expectations for physicians and Dr Norman exceeded what I expected."
    Pamela M
  • "Where to start well I guess the beginning I haven't been to a podiatrist in years and have needed to but my experience hasn't been good to say the least. So I decided to make a couple of calls to make an appointment oh no you have to have a referral from your primary care physician call then only to not get a call back and when following up they gave me the doctor they had referred me to so I call get a message machine leave a message as you can guess no call back. FAST FORWARD Call Dr. Norman's office and his staff was fantastic making my appointment when I got there NO WAITING matter of fact ahead of schedule so I'm happy right, doctor comes in great personality and so knowledgeable in explaining everything it was almost to good to be true 5 stars isn't enough I don't think you can go wrong"
    Greg P
  • "Both my son and I have recently seen Dr. Norman for heel pain. Dr. Norman is very personable and takes time to listen to your complaints, diagnose and discuss options. Neither of our appointments were rushed and the wait time was not that long. The treatments for my son and I were different but both worked. I'm pretty particular when it comes to doctors and will only continue to see those who are personable, take time to listen to you, discuss options, and not rush you out the door. In addition, the doctor's staff has to be responsive, answer the phone, return calls, and be personable. Dr. Norman rates an "A" in all those areas. I would highly recommend Dr. Norman."
    John D
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