Toenail Care

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Why Is Toenail Care Important?

Toenail care should be a part of your hygiene and wellness routine. Fail to care for your toenails, and you may experience serious complications.

For starters, maintaining your toenails is important simply for aesthetic purposes. No one wants to be seen in public with nasty-looking toenails, so be proactive and keep them neatly trimmed.

You should also reserve time to clean and trim your toenails because they would be vulnerable to infections otherwise. Pockets of moisture inside your toenails can turn into breeding grounds for bacteria. Once enough bacteria have gathered in your toenails, they may cause a severe infection.

Don’t underestimate how a toenail infection can affect your daily life. Your infected toenail may cause plenty of pain. It may even make walking around uncomfortable.

Infected toenails are also highly unappealing. If the infection festers, it will produce an unpleasant odor, and you may lose your toenail for good

Practicing proper toenail care is also vital if you have diabetes. Because many people with diabetes experience nerve damage, they may have difficulty sensing infections growing on their feet. Those infections can take over your feet if you fail to notice them in time, and in the worst cases, may prompt amputation.

Avoid the perils of foot infections by practicing regular toenail care.

Consult Dr. Norman of Coastal Podiatry if you’re looking for expert toenail care in Pismo Beach, CA.

How Should You Care for Your Toenails?

Proper toenail care begins with careful trimming. When you trim your toenails, remember to go straight across with the clipper. You should then smooth out the edges of the toenail with an emery board to prevent wounds. Weekly trimming is recommended.

Washing your feet is another essential part of toenail care. Remember to wash your feet daily with mild soap, then dry them carefully. Make sure there are no traces of moisture between the toes.

Protecting your feet will also be good for your toenails. Wear footwear whenever possible to keep your toenails intact. Whether you wear flip-flops or shoes, you must ensure they fit your feet properly. Otherwise, the restrictive fit could damage your toenails.

Finally, you should avoid treating any foot problems yourself. You should schedule a consultation with a podiatrist if you notice unusual growths on your feet and toenails. Allow them to handle the matter so you can avoid potential injury.

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