Corticosteroid Injections

Consult Dr. Richard Norman of Coastal Podiatry if you’re looking to address your foot conditions using corticosteroid injections in Pismo Beach, CA.

How Do Corticosteroid Injections Address Foot Conditions?

Treatment options for foot problems can be quite varied. Cultivating diverse treatment options is necessary because of the many foot issues people commonly develop.

Corticosteroid injections are among the treatment options that may be presented for your foot problems. These injectables feature a substance that closely resembles the naturally occurring hormone known as cortisol. Note that these steroid injections are not the same as the substances athletes use for performance enhancement.

The main purpose of a corticosteroid injection is to alleviate inflammation. Inflammation can affect the alignment of internal body structures and cause significant pain, so addressing it is key to effective treatment.

Your podiatrist can use corticosteroid injections to address a wide array of foot problems. If you’re struggling with arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis and gout, your doctor can use corticosteroid injections to alleviate the chronic pain caused by that condition. The same injectables are effective against overuse injuries such as bursitis and tendinitis. Since the discomfort caused by those injuries is rooted in inflammation, you can expect the corticosteroids to do something about it.

These injections may also be preferable to oral medications because they can be directly administered to the injured area. They don’t have to pass through other parts of your body. They can be injected directly into your joints or muscles to maximize their effectiveness. Sometimes, a doctor may use ultrasound to ensure the injection is going to the right place.

Podiatrists can also use corticosteroid injections to restore mobility in your feet and other nearby joints. If your foot injury has affected your level of activity, getting these injections can address that matter.

Work with Dr. Norman of Coastal Podiatry if you wish to address your foot injuries using corticosteroid injections in Pismo Beach, CA.

What Can You Expect After Getting Corticosteroid Injections?

Corticosteroid injections are delivered on a timetable to minimize the risk of serious side effects. Your podiatrist may tell you to stay home and rest for a while in the immediate aftermath of your treatment session and to avoid submerging yourself in hot water. They may ask you to rest for a day so the injections can take effect. You can expect to experience pain relief within two days.

The effects of corticosteroid injections can also last for a long time. They should alleviate your pain for several months. Additional injections are also an option if your condition is causing symptoms again. However, you may have to wait for around three months before receiving those additional corticosteroid injections.

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