Forefoot Surgery

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When Is Foot Surgery Recommended?

Foot problems aren’t highlighted enough given the adverse effects they can have on a person’s quality of life. Most of the time, foot problems are not just painful. They can also limit your movement because moving comfortably on an injured foot is next to impossible.

Podiatrists may suggest rest or making lifestyle changes if you are currently dealing with foot problems. However, there are instances wherein those forms of treatment simply do not suffice.

If you have bunions or bunionettes that are actively hampering your movement, your podiatrist may suggest forefoot surgery as a possible treatment. Bunions and bunionettes can make it difficult for you to wear properly fitted shoes. Removing those growths surgically can provide an instant solution to your problem.

Getting forefoot surgery is also an option if you have claw or hammer toes. Similar to bunions and bunionettes, those aforementioned deformities can dictate what kind of shoes you can wear. They must be dealt with if you wish to wear the shoes that are ideal for your size.

Certain foot issues such as neuromas and bone spurs are notorious for causing significant pain. Walking around while you have neuromas and bone spurs is not a pleasant experience. Your podiatrist may suggest foot surgery so they can permanently address those particular issues.

Even if surgery seems like the obvious solution for your foot problem, your doctor will still order tests to confirm that it’s necessary. You can rest assured that they will be thorough before they render their final diagnosis.

Consult with Dr. Norman of Coastal Podiatry if you need foot surgery in Pismo Beach, CA.

What Can I Expect from foot Surgery?

The complexity of your foot surgery will depend on the specific issue you are dealing with. In some cases, the surgeon may only need to remove some small bone fragments. In others, the surgeon may have to straighten toes, reposition them, or perhaps even fuse bones inside the foot.

Regardless, you won’t feel anything during the surgical procedure because you are under general or localized anesthesia.

Your foot will be wrapped following surgery. Most patients are allowed to head home, but those who undergo complex procedures in a hospital may be told to stay overnight.

Resting your surgically repaired foot is crucial. At a minimum, you will likely have to take the next two weeks off from work, but your recommended rest period may go beyond that. Regularly compressing, icing, and elevating your foot will also facilitate faster recovery.

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